Types of Flower Arrangements

Flower- is more than just a means of decoration at a wedding. This nature’s gift makes a crucial part of any wedding. A wedding without flowers is going to be absolutely dull and bare.

Talk about flowers for weddings and it is not just the bride who needs to don a bouquet or the center stage that demands some floral decoration. Flowers need to be all around the wedding, be it as centerpieces for the tables where your guests are going to be seated, or boutonnieres for the groom.

Let us take a look at some of the common flower arrangements for weddings.

Bouquets are an integral part of any wedding. You don’t just need these bouquets for the bride. Instead, you will need one bouquet each for all the brides’ maids. Then there has to be a bouquet for the maid of honor too. Go in for cascade, round shaped bouquets or simply opt for the hand tied version, depending upon your requirements.

While you are choosing bouquets for different people always make sure that you choose the most beautiful one for the bride. It would look silly if the brides’ maids carry bouquets that are bigger and much prettier than what the bride is carrying.  Also take note that the bouquets of the bride and brides’ maids have something in common and match each other.

A man’s attire at a wedding looks incomplete without a boutonniere. Boutonnieres lend that perfect touch to the male wardrobe. You would need a boutonniere for the groom, the best man, the bride’s father, the groom’s father, the grandfathers, the ring bearer and the best man. So while preparing for the wedding, make sure you count the number of boutonnieres that you need.

If men can flaunt boutonnieres, women too can accessorize themselves with beautiful corsages. Tie them to the wrist, pin them to the shoulder or simply hook it up with your cutch and they are going to look absolutely beautiful. While the bride demands the most beautiful corsage, you are going to need corsages for other women at the wedding too. These include the bride’s mother, groom’s mother and both the grandmothers. Not to forget the guestbook attendant, she too shall need a corsage.

Ceremony flowers
Even the most beautiful lights and the most eloquent décor cannot replace the majestic beauty flowers. Irrespective of what kind of a decoration you want for the wedding, you have to use flowers to lend the décor a majestic feel. You would need to decorate the main altar and the aisle with flowers. Talk to your florist about this in advance.

Other than the above mentioned you are going to need several other flower arrangements as well like table centerpieces, guest table centerpieces, bar centerpiece, flower girl basket, flower girl headpiece and others.