Wedding Ceremony Flower Arrangement Ideas

Think of an altar or an aisle without any kind of floral arrangements. It would not just be plain boring but quite sad as well. This is why wedding ceremony flowers have an important role to play in your wedding. Here are some unique arrangement ideas of wedding ceremony flowers.

Scatter rose petals along the aisle
This is perhaps the best way to set up a beautiful entry for the bride. Simply scatter lose rose petals along the entire length of the aisle. You would either use a single colored rose petal or mix rose petals of various colors. If you are more creative, you could even create a design with the help of rose petals or write something.

Do up the lych gate
In case you are organizing the wedding in a church or chapel, then this one is extremely important.  The lych gate is from where the bride will start walking down the aisle. Thus, it becomes important that you beautify the lych gate. Use two or more contrasting colored flowers to decorate the lych gate. For instance, you could use white

Place two beautiful bouquets on either side of the entrance
For a more lavish entrance, you could place two king sized bouquets on either side of the entrance. The best way to do this would be to have two metallic stands an place a bouquet on each one of them. This will not just make the floral arrangements more visible but they will also enhance the overall look for the entrance. Use flowers in bright colors. Carnations, Casablanca lily, roses, daffodil etc are some good choices for this purpose.

Flood altar with fresh flowers and lots of foliage
One of the latest wedding flower trends is to create a natural look in the altar. Instead of using giant flowers, use loads of foliage and leaves for decorating the altar. Create the flower arrangement in such a way that it keeps on flowing till the end.

Simple floral arrangements for pew ends
Though you always have the option to choose elaborate flower arrangements for the pew ends, it is better if you keep it simple. Opt for lose flowing floral arrangements for pew end decorations. Small flowers such as baby's breath work best for this purpose. You can also use ribbons to create a flowing effect.

Decorate altar table with candles and fresh flowers
For the altar tale, you can use a combination of candles and fresh flowers. Go in for simple white and broad based candles. Use flowers in different pastel shades for this purpose. You could use roses, peonies, carnations, orchids, gardenias and like flowers for this purpose.

Try these unique wedding ceremony flower arrangement ideas and you are sure to liven up your wedding.