Wedding Favors: To Thank Your Guests

A wedding could never be complete without offering wedding favors to guests. It is a beautiful gesture on part of the newly wed couple to offer favors to those who have obliged them by showing their gracious presence on the occasion.

A wedding favor happens to be customary with all Christian marriages and more and more things are being incorporated in the list of possible wedding favors that a couple could offer to their guests. A little negligence in amicably offering these favors could bring disgrace to otherwise wonderful and elegant marriage ceremony.

Conventional cookie wedding favors in boxes are no more in practice instead unique wedding favors are in high demand. Folks in order to give very personalized statement through all aspects of their marriage don't even spare wedding favors. They love to adorn favor boxes or favor gifts to suit to the theme of the wedding. Personalized wedding favors are order of the day.

Candles are hot choice as favors. An aesthetically colored and shaped candle could be loved by your guests. You may color the candle with the theme color of marriage. Candles could be molded as a replica of bride and groom to make it highly personalized.

Chocolate favors are another popular choice. Heart shaped chocolates in boxes adorned with colorful ribbons and tags carrying the name of bride and groom could be perfect choice as favors and folks love to accept it. These chocolate favors add to the sweetness of the occasion. For a chocolate favor you may higher services of a confectioner to offer chocolates in your desired shape.

A sweet note of thanks by couple could be added to the favor that would make guests feel very special about them and they would shower blessings on couple.

If you find it difficult to decide on your wedding favor, I would suggest you to simply listen to your heart and find out the wedding favor that would make you feel very happy once you extend it to your guests. Nothing could be better than a personalized favor with a tinge of couple's indebtedness towards guests for attending the wedding.