What do Different Wedding Flower Mean?

You might just want to use that stripped carnation in your wedding bouquet just because it goes with your wedding dress. But did you know that what that stripped carnation actually signifies? It symbolizes the fact that you do not want to be with the other person. Now this is the last thing that you would want to convey to your would-be-husband on your wedding day. Thus, it becomes important to know the meaning of the wedding flowers before you actually put any of them to use.

Here are the meanings of some of the most commonly used wedding flowers.

Many brides use this because of its gigantic stature and dual color tone. This wedding flower symbolizes pride and splendid beauty. It also stands for timidity.

Baby's breath
This is ideally used as filler for wedding bouquets or for table arrangements. It is also commonly used for venue d├ęcor. In quite similarity to its simple and petite looks, baby's breath stands for innocence.

Calla lily
Calla lilies are one of the most commonly used flowers in bridal bouquets. These flowers elude sophistication and stand for magnificent beauty.

Different carnations have different meanings. For instance, the lovely red carnation has a rather sad meaning. It means 'Alas! Poor heart'. Whilst purple carnation stands for capriciousness, yellow carnations symbolize disdain.

These big and bright blooms are the perfect way to go if you want to tell your partner that you are his forever. Daffodils convey the beautiful thought of 'you are the only one' and are perfect for every bride.

Freesia is again one of the most commonly used wedding flowers. You are likely to find this flower being used in some or the other wedding bouquet. This beautiful bloom signifies innocence.


Most elaborate type of wedding flower arrangements makes use of this wedding flower. This bloom signifies strength of character.

Lily of the valley
These are one of the sweetest and the most sophisticated wedding flowers. And they hold a similar meaning. Lily of the valley symbolizes sweetness, humility and return of happiness.

You are sure to find this flower in almost every wedding. These flowers do not just look beautiful but they symbolize beauty as well. Orchids mean love, beauty and magnificence.

Most bridal bouquets make use of peonies in different colors. This wedding flower is the perfect option if you want a happy marriage as it stands for unison and happy marriage.

This one is an evergreen wedding flower. Different colored roses have different meanings. Whilst pink rose represents perfect happiness, white rose stands for charm and grace. Red rose and orange rose symbolize love and passion respectively.

So, now decide the message you want to give out to your life partner and the guests with your choice of wedding flowers.