Wedding Flowers Terminology

Gearing up for your wedding flower arrangements? To head in the right direction, it is important that you acquaint yourself with wedding flower terminology in the first place.

Bridal bouquets

A nosegay of flowers that are tightly tied together. It comprises of different colored flowers that are arranged in concentric circles. Every circle holds a particular type of flower.

This one is popularly referred to as a pageant bouquet. It comprises of flowers with long stems.

This one looks like one giant flower but is made of several small petals or buds that have been wired together. So, the end result looks like one huge flower.

Classic bouquet
It is a bunch of blooms that are densely packed and can be wired or hand tied. It may even be anchored in a bouquet holder.

It is a bridal ritual as per which the bride tosses away her bridal bouquet to the bridesmaids. However, the bride does not toss her original bouquet. A copy of the bridal bouquet is primarily made for this ritual.


It refers to special foam that is used in various flower arrangements to retain water. Oasis is added to various bouquets so that the flowers remain hydrated and stay fresh for longer.

Tussy mussy

It is a small posy carried by the bride that is fitted into small, metallic vase. Since the vase is hand held, carrying it is not a problem.

Taped and wired
This basically refers to a packing technique used for various wedding flower arrangements. This technique involves cutting of a flower from the stem. The stem is then attached to a wire and the wire is then wrapped with a floral tape.

Other flowers & arrangements

It is a floral centerpiece that is used to adorn a candelabra. The flower arrangement is created at the base or neck of the candelabra.

Fish centerpiece
In this centerpiece type, flowers are arranged together in a fish bowl.

It is a flower arrangement that is trimmed to form a geometric shape.

Dais refers to the centerpiece that is placed on the head table. Head table is the table where the bride and the groom are seated. It drapes to the front of the table for visual effect.

It is the Japanese style flower arrangement.

Its contains abstract flowers that are arranged in a similar abstract fashion. Some of the common flowers used in this flower arrangement include hollyhock, digitalis, rambling roses, and smilax.

This flower arrangement makes use of climbing plants and trees. A wooden frame is used to support the flowers.

A huppah is used in a traditional Jewish ceremony. It is a wedding canopy that is decorated with flowers.

Once you know all these terms, discussing your flower arrangements with the florist will be much easier.