Wedding Flowers That Match Your Style

Not every bride is the same. Thus, the choice of wedding flowers is bound to differ from one bride to the other. Figure out the kind of bride that you are and go in for wedding flowers that are reminiscent of your personality.

For the glamorous bride
There are women who choose to dress up the glamorous way. If you are one of them then your wedding bouquet should be glamorous too. Go in for sleek wedding bouquets that make use of exotic as well as common flowers. Some of the best flowers for a wedding bouquet for the glamorous bride include orchids, tulips, French anemones, hot chocolate cala lilies and mimosa. Go in for bouquets in glamorous colors like purple, chocolate, silver, ivory and the like.

For the romantic bride
This one is for the absolutely feminine and dreamy women. Wedding bouquets in round pomanders and cascades are a great option for the romantic bride. Use flowers like rose, pansies and peonies to convey that mushy feeling. You could use roses stacked in gold vases for the venue décor to make the ambience look more romantic and soothing. Flowers in red, pink and white are great choices.

For the elegant bride
If you have a taste for classic and vintage things, then choose symmetrical wedding bouquets. Wedding bouquets that are embellished with pearl pins add a dash of class to the wedding bouquet. For the venue décor, you could use wedding flowers in muted color tones with silk ribbons. French tulips, roses, cala lilies, lilacs, gardenias are some great choices in blooms for the romantic bride.

For the modern bride
If you do not want to follow the traditional norms for your wedding day then choosing modern wedding flowers will be an apt thing to do. Go in for simple and no-nonsense bouquets. Some modern brides even prefer to carry a single bud over a complete wedding bouquet. For a complete modern and contemporary look, style your wedding with a single flower in different shades of the same color. Keep green or blue as the color theme.

For the bohemian bride
Bohemian brides like their weddings to be earthy and real with a dash of Zen. Keep your wedding flower absolutely natural by opting for loosely tied flowers. Use add-ons such as berries, ferns and herbs. Follow the same for venue décor too. Choose pebbled filled vases or vases that contain fruits and vegetables. Use a lot of foliage too.

For the casual bride
If you like things casual and simple and not too overdone then opt for a breezy wedding flower arrangement for your wedding. Have cascading centerpieces embellished with sea shells, starfish etc for the venue décor. For the bouquets, go in for wedding flower arrangements that do not have a well defined structure. Dahlias, narcissus, roses, daisies are some great choices in blooms.