Which Color or Type of Flowers Would You Choose for Your Big Day?

Nature is all full of different kinds of flowers that could add charm, brightness, joy and happiness to any and every occasion- especially wedding ceremonies. The choice is vast and each of the creations is beautiful. You have so many colors, shapes and sizes of flowers to choose from that you would actually get stuck! So, let's take a look at the different colors of flowers that could be used to paint your wedding day the way you want!

Pink wedding flowers
Pink is the all time favorite of brides. The charm and innocence of this color is very well captured by roses, tulips, lilies, peonies, sweet peas and many others. You could use these different flowers and come up with an amazing pink wedding theme. There are various hues available too that could add the desired splash effect to the whole wedding d├ęcor.

Red wedding flowers
Red flowers lend a traditional and romantic hue to a wedding. Red color is the symbol of passion and love and is therefore the perfect color for any wedding. You could use roses, geranium, tulips, lilies and calla lilies to decorate the wedding venue. Red is a very strong color and red flowers therefore make a very good sight at a wedding.

Yellow wedding flowers
Yellow color is symbolic of brightness and happiness and to use yellow wedding flowers is the perfect way to lend a similar mood to your wedding. You could use sunflowers and daffodils that are necessarily yellow in color. However, there are other flowers too that carry yellow shades like lilies, peonies, roses, orchids, and tulips. These are some of the most popular yellow wedding flowers.

White wedding flowers
White is symbolic of purity, serenity, peace and innocence and white wedding flowers are very much popular because of this property. Stephanotis, white roses, lily of the valley, white carnations, lilies, peonies, magnolia, gardenia are all very popular and beautiful white wedding flowers that could very aptly add charm and grace to any wedding.

Blue wedding flowers
The baby blue is symbolic of calmness while dark blue could actually look like ultra modern. People with a classy taste could go for the former whole those who, like to experiment and add a lot of contemporary approach to their wedding could go for latter. The flower choices are many in the form of orchids, iris, hydrangea, lilies and tulips.

Apart from these very popular wedding flowers there are also, purple wedding flowers and green wedding flowers that form a very favored choice with many. Of course these flowers make weddings beautiful and memorable.