Top 5 Ways To Use Classic Whites On Your D Day

White is a color that will never go out of weddings. And why not? The color brings along oodles of elegance and sophistication. Here are top 5 ways to add a dash of white to your D day.

Neither stirred nor shaken
One of the most creative and stylish ways of using white flowers for your wedding could be by adding them to the champagne. But you just cannot add in any flowers to the champagne. You will need sugar flowers, the ones that are used for garnishing the cakes for this purpose. Add them to the champagne glass and you will have something that is reminiscent of a lotus floating in a pond. Try this and you are sure to serve the same old champagne in the most delectable way.

Pin it up
Another creative way of using white wedding flowers for your wedding could be to pin them up on your ring pillow. Try to use a single giant white flower. The iceberg rose could be a good option here. Alternatively, you could even create a pattern using small flowers such as baby's breath or dendrobium orchids. This will not just make the same old ring pillow look a million dollars better but it will also add a romantic charm to the whole ceremony.

Carry them along
White wedding bouquets may have been tested and tried to the core, but their old world charm still makes them worth it. Carrying a white wedding bouquet will not just bring along a vintage appeal but also add a dash of sophistication. At the same time, you have the liberty to experiment with white blooms to create a modern, classical, romantic, dramatic or any other bouquet that you wish. Sweet peas, tulips, ranunculus, gladiolus, sweet peas, baby's breath are some commonly used white blooms for wedding bouquets.

In the center
Nothing works better than white wedding flower centerpieces if you want to add a classic and soft feel to your wedding. Use big white blooms such as Fuji Mum. Casablanca lilies, gardenia, gladiolus, phalaenopsis orchid, protea are some other white blooms that are apt for use in centerpieces. When using white flowers for the centerpiece; try to use a contrasting color vase such as blue, pink, orange and the like.

Send them across
Does anything work better than invitation cards embossed with white flowers? Perhaps not! Since white flowers are so elegant, they are sure to enhance the overall appeal of your invitation card. But, make sure that you do not go overboard with this one. Just try to use a flower or two. Try to ensure that your flower imprinted on the card looks real. Laser engraved flowers better serve the purpose here.