Food And Drinks For Your Wedding

It's your wedding and you do not want your guests to leave the venue empty stomach cribbing about poor catering arrangements. To avoid facing any such situation make sure that you pay attention to the food and drink arrangements in detail. Here is a complete guide that will help you with the same.

The basics
Firstly, you need to book your venue. There are some venues that provide in house catering arrangements. In such a case, you would have little or nothing to do. If you are seeking the services of an external caterer, then you would need to check for various options available.

Ask your friends who are married or check out the local directories. Make sure that you do a complete background and credibility check before you zero in on any particular company.

Fix the menu well in advance. The menu will depend a great deal on your budget and the number of people attending the wedding. If you have a huge gathering, then you could make deductions in the refreshments.

Things to know
There is a basic that food and drink lingo that you need to know when you start preparing for the food and drink arrangements for your wedding. It is important that you be well versed with this terminology as it will help you understand things better.

Some common terms that you are likely to come across while making catering arrangements for the wedding include American service, buffet, butlered service, family style, food stations, Viennese table and the like.

Start selecting
Plan your dining upon the number of courses that you would want to serve. You could start by course categories such as appetizers, starters, main course, desserts and the like. This will make things a lot simpler and easier.

When you start choosing the food items, try to look for foods that are liked by one and all. Instead of going in for exotic dishes that only a few enjoy, go in for dishes that have a mass appeal. You could also segregate your menu into kids and adults. While you could choose more sophisticated recipes, stick to inexpensive items for the kids such as a burger with French fries.

For beverages, set a distinction between hard drinks and soft drinks. Remember, that not many people prefer to have hard drinks. So, make sure that you keep mocktails and other beverages ready.

Have a checklist
You must have a checklist ready if you are undertaking the catering arrangements. Obviously, you would not want your guests to eat only the meal and not have the dessert. Check for everything that is related to the food and drink department such as glassware, silverware, alcoholic beverages, non alcoholic beverages, starters, entrees, and the like. Maintaining a checklist ensures that you are not missing out on anything.

Follow these simple and easy steps and you are sure to please all the guests.