Gourmet Cookies at Weddings

A traditional wedding ceremony or any western wedding is never complete without gourmet  cookies. Although, the wedding cake usually takes precedence, delicious cookies can be  enjoyed in plenty. You don't have to satisfy yourself with a tiny piece as is the case with the wedding cake. Moreover, gourmet cookies can also be used as wedding favors.

These beautifully wrapped cookies could be served to guests while various marriage rituals are on. They could also be personalized in various shapes to suit a personalized theme marriage. These gourmet cookies wrapped in personalized beautiful boxes can be offered as wedding favors and guests would love to receive them.

A mix of various cookies can be gifted as wedding favors. In fact, a variety of cookies is a very popular wedding favor idea. Modern day couples have gone to the extent of personalizing the cookie by having the guest’s name on it. The cookies can also be used  as center pieces for the dinner tables if they are aesthetically decorated and are in consonance with the theme of the marriage.

Heart shaped cookies are very popular. While doing your wedding shopping, you can stop at a bakery to order these cookies in advance. You should tell the people at the bakery how exactly you want the cookies personalized. Fortune cookies happen to be a favorable choice of couples about to be married.

A cookie's price may range from five to ten dollars. If you purchase it in bulk, you may get some discount. Wedding coordinators must arrange timely delivery of these gourmet cookies. Cookie customization has gone to the extent of printing photos of the couple on the cookie  in edible ink.

Online wedding planning guides offer tips on these gourmet wedding cookies.  If you have enough  time, you can manage to make them at home. It would make the guests feel very special.