DIY Silk Wedding Flower Boutonniere

A single rose or a single orchid placed against that sexy black tuxedo is a sure shot way of being the centre of female attention. Silk flower boutonnieres are the perfect way to add an extra dash of charm to your overall appearance. While most people choose to buy silk flower boutonnieres, you can go ahead and make your own. Making your own boutonniere offers you the chance to come up with something that is in perfect sync with your overall look. Here is how you can go about it.

What you need?
Before you get started, it is important that you collect all the things you will need.

* Silk Flowers
* Ivy leaf, fern frond, or other greenery (all silk)
* Bucket
* Wire cutter
* Green waxed floral tape
* Pearl-tipped corsage pins
* Ribbon in a complementary wedding-day color (optional)
* Stem cutter or sharp knife
* Resealable plastic sandwich bag
* Pencil
* Stem stripper

How to go about it?
Once you have arranged all the material, simply follow the given steps.

* Take the flowers out and remove any kind of foliage. Silk flowers too have a lot of leaves and foliage attached. So, you need to remove all of them before you start using the flower.
* Pick a well grown bloom that you want to use for the boutonniere. Cut the stem till three inches. Now, you need to create a bed for the boutonniere. Put together an ivy leaf, fern fond and some greenery. Now place it behind the flower, while ensuring that the bed does no extend much beyond the flower.
* When you have put together the flower and the foliage, it is time to secure all of them with a flower tape. Starting from the top, start wrapping the tape towards the end till ¾ inch is covered. Now use a black tape and start wrapping it on the bloom, starting from the bottom and proceeding till the end.
* Trim the stem so that the total length of the stem is not more than 1 ½ inches. Now curl the tip of the boutonniere around the tip of a pencil to give it a more finished look. Once you are done, you can attach one or two pearl tip pins depending upon the weight of the boutonniere.
* If the boutonniere is not to be used there and then, place it in a recyclable plastic sandwich bag. This will prevent it from getting dirty or incurring any kind of unnecessary damage.

Go ahead and make your own boutonniere in these simple and easy steps and you are sure to be the groom people will talk about for long!