How to Make a Wedding Boutonniere

Boutonnieres are garment adornments meant especially for male members of a wedding party. These adornments are generally flowers which are trimmed in order to match those in the bouquet of the bride. Well, just like everything else in the marriage, boutonnieres too can be ordered from a professional service. However, why spend when you can make one all by yourself.

Before you begin, remember that the boutonniere has to go with not just your dress but also the bouquet that the bride would be holding. Hence, choose a flower that either matches or complements the color, shape and texture of the flowers present in the bride’s bouquet. Now make your own boutonniere in the following steps-

Step 1- Choose a flower for your boutonniere along the lines mentioned above.

Step 2- Trim the chosen flower till about 2 inches from the base of the flower.

Step 3- Insert a piece of wire right through the base of the flower. Bring the wire out of the top of the flower. To give it more strength, double the thickness of the wire piece. Cut the piece of wire. However, make sure that the piece of wire is at least one inch longer than the flower stem.

Step 4- Now it is time to join the wire with the stem of the flower. For that, cut a length of floral tape and start wrapping it around the base of the flower. Wrap it around the stem and wire all the way to the end.

Step 5- Make your boutonniere more colorful. Attach some piece of greenery to the stem of the flower using some floral tape. Tape it in a twisting manner around the stem of the flower.

Step 6- Once you have taped everything together, it is time to take the boutonniere to its rightful owner. However, do not forget to give a corsage pin along with the boutonniere. If you have prepared it for yourself then attach it to your jacket by putting the pin through the tape near the base of the flower. After that, you can stroll into the wedding party wearing a custom-made boutonniere.

While you can choose any flower to make your own boutonniere, there are some flowers that are considered the best for such a purpose. Roses are considered to be the best for making boutonnieres. They have a long stem which is sturdy and long. The base of this flower is also able to withstand all the piercing that is to be done.

Apart from roses, you can also try chrysanthemums, lilies or the stephanotis flower. To make matters really interesting, you can even choose an orchid.