Wedding Speech: The Opportunity to Speak Your Mind

Wedding speeches have long been an integral part of traditional wedding ceremony. A wedding speech is a beautiful gesture on the part of groom that is also greatly appreciated by guests present at the wedding. This beautiful tradition of wedding speeches could be traced back to the ancient Egyptian and Roman marriages. Since centuries, it is being followed in all western wedding ceremonies.

But, the conventional style of offering wedding speeches is no more in practice. These days, grooms prefer a more stylish and humorous wedding speech over a formal offering of thanks. They see it as an opportunity to flatter their new wife and in-laws. However, the core assertion of all wedding speeches still lie in saying thanks to all associated with the wedding.

A more personalized wedding speech becomes a pre-requisite for a personalized theme wedding. If you are going for a wedding in church, the speech must not go against the sanctity of place. A formal tone and text would best suit such ambience.

On the other hand, funny wedding speech is always preferred at an informal rocking wedding. It adds to the fun of the occasion and brings smile on the face of the bride who happens to be very conscious about her appearance and gestures. A funny wooing speech by hubby would ease out a bride's tension.

Grooms often end up stating their style through wedding speeches. A wonderful wedding speech can turn on the guests in an otherwise boring wedding ceremony. Speech must gel with the personality of the groom and it shouldn't have any unnecessary exaggerations.

A wedding speech could be full of romantic statements or beautiful promises for the spouse. Thanks to the in-laws and bride's maid is customary. A wedding planner may be able to guide you with certain online wedding planning guides that could be of help for scribbling down your wedding speech.

Guests may cherish your speech for a long time if it happens to be a unique and memorable one. It should also go with the venue and the theme of the marriage. For example, wedding speech for Honolulu wedding would be different from speech meant for Hawaii weddings. Wedding coordinators must make the speech available on time and see to it that it very much goes in sync with the wedding reception.