Unique Boutonniere Styles For Grooms To Be

Talk about boutonnieres and the image of a single bloom with a few leaves immediately comes to one's mind. But, now you can shun the image of this conventional boutonniere on your big day by opting for some unique styles. Here is taking a look at some of the most unique boutonniere styles that would suit every groom.

For a boutonniere that looks freshly picked from the garden, this one is the way to go. It makes use of smaller flowers along with a lot of greenery and foliage. The flowers that work best for this boutonniere style include Arabicum, Eucalyptus and Passion Vine.

This one is for the metrosexual man. It is fun, flirtatious and does not stick to the conventional standards. Comprising of whit ranunculus and red leucadendron, this one has an absolutely preppy feel to it. In addition, it also comprises of green Kermit poms and pink pepperberries for added fun.

For those who want to look uber chic and stylish, this one is the way to go. It is an unusual boutonnière that uses lemon leaves along with glittering branches. This one comprises of Swaroski crystals too, so it can be a little expensive. Beautiful white feathers add the perfect touch to this one.

To add a dash of quirk and uniqueness to your overall appearance, go in for this boutonniere. Guinea feathers coupled with silk flowers make for the most quirky boutonnière. To add on, there is a bright graphic ribbon attached to it that makes it look all the more unusual and fun.


If you want a look that spells class, go for Luxe. It makes use of a cluster of classic stephanotis, which are put together in hand painted wood box. Besides, it also has added beads and a stain ribbon, which ups the luxe factor.


For grooms who do not really appreciate the flowery route, the sporty boutonnière is the best choice. It makes use of green anthurium along with a shell that makes it look absolutely sporty and unconventional.

Adorbale Nerdy
Silk feathers along with birds and mushrooms that resemble miniscule stuff toys make for the most unconventional boutonniere. It has a lot of handmade details, which makes it look all the more exquisite. Go in for it only if you think, you can carry it off.

Heirloom worthy
For a look that is absolutely sophisticated and stylish, this one is the best choice. It comprises of silk flowers, feathers and stamen clusters and looks like a family heirloom.

Who says it's just the bride who commands attention? You too can grab a fair share of eyeballs with these unique boutonniere styles. Use them for your wedding and you are sure to have all eyes zeroed on you.