Hawaiian Wedding Dresses

Hawaiian weddings are considered to be one of the most spectacular destination weddings. It's because Hawaiian weddings promise to give you a mix of both a beach wedding as well as the look and feel of a tropical wedding. Hawaii is an American state and is a tropical island located in the Pacific Ocean, off the US mainland.

The traditional wedding ceremony is pretty colorful and there is a festive spirit around the marriage ceremony. There is a lot of scrumptious food that is served in the wedding reception alongside the grand wedding cake.

As per the local customs and settings, Hawaiian wedding dresses are white and authentic. They are a more formal and longer make of the 'muumuu', the traditional Hawaiian dress, traditionally called the 'Holoku', in local dialect. Choosing a Hawaiian dress definitely calls for expertise and it is a festive occasion unto itself. The Hawaiian bride does not veil herself, but wears a garland or wreathe of traditionally plucked flowers from the different parts of the island, originally called the 'haku lei'. White orchids are hand-picked and decorated for the bridal bouquet.

Traditionally, the groom wears a long, red sash round and across his waist. He would also sport a lei, commonly made of maile and ilima. However, with times, the groom's attire has undergone a significant change and he no longer puts on the stash or the 'lei'. Today the groom has modern tastes and you can find him in a long white-sleeved shirt and white trousers. Tradition has given way to modernization. Even today you have brides dressed in typical Hawaiian wedding dresses.