Hawaiian Wedding Flowers

If you want something bright and dazzling for your wedding day then Hawaiian wedding flowers are the way to go. These tropical flowers are going to set the spirits high and dazzle up your wedding. Hawaiian wedding flowers are exceptionally good looking and affordable too.

Use Hawaiian wedding flowers in various ways
These bright and pungent wedding flowers could be used in more than just one way on the D day. They could be used in the form of boutonnieres, hair flowers for the bride, corsage, wedding bouquet, or even for the venue décor.

Though Hawaiian flowers can be used in almost any form, they are most commonly used in the form of leis. One can easily choose from single or double strand leis depending upon individual tastes and preferences. Leis are used both for the bride as well as the groom.

Brides could opt for leis made of orchids, rose buds, white orchids or plumeria. On the other hand leis made of Ti leaf are a good choice for men. The kind of flowers used in these leis could be coordinated with the attire of the bridegroom.

For instance, if the bride is wearing something very sophisticated then white orchid lei or ginger lei would be the perfect choice. However, if the bridegroom is sporting a somewhat casual look then plumeria lei or orchid and rose bud lei could be a nice idea.

Kupe’e is also similar to lei. It is just that a kupe’e is smaller as compared to lei and is usually tied on the feet or the wrist. Kupe’e can be used by the flower girls or even by the bride herself. Bright and elegant flowers such as orchids look great when used in a kupe’e. White orchids and Maile when used in combination also work well for Kupe’e.

Venue décor
If you want your venue décor to be all bright and beautiful, then there is nothing better than these Hawaiian flowers. Flowers like Sophronitis, Musas, Laelia, Golden shower, and Frangipani can be uysed to do up the venue. These flowers come in all vivid color tones such as orange, yellow, lilac etc and could add the perfect charm to your wedding venue. You could use them as table centerpieces, bouquets and the like.

Boutonnieres and Corsage
Hawaiian wedding flowers can even be used for boutonnieres and corsages. White orchids when used with Ti leaf works well for corsages. Flowers like Hawaiian rose buds make a great choice for boutonnieres. Flowers like torch ginger and red ginger can also be used for boutonnieres and corsages.

These Hawaiian wedding flowers are a great pick for anyone who likes it bright and colorful. However, there are some subdued and subtle choices in the category too.  So go ahead and dazzle your wedding with these Hawaiian wedding flowers.