Wedding Ceremonies in Hawaii

Weddings in Hawaii are known for their pomp and splendor. The memories of a wedding ceremony on the shores of Hawaii will last you a lifetime. There are very few destinations that can match a   wedding in Hawaii in terms of style and grandeur. Tropical wedding, traditional wedding ceremony such as the catholic wedding ceremony, helicopter weddings, they have it all! The beaches of Hawaii provide you with the ingredients of a perfect beach wedding. A list of beaches famous for their wedding are given below:

* Waiale Beach Park
It takes a mere 10 mins from Waikiki, and situated close to the Waiale Country Club and the Kahala hotel. It offers a great degree of privacy and has scenic beauty comparable to the original favorite magic Island of Waikiki.

* Waikiki Beach:
From the beach you can have breath-taking views of the Diamond Head. As already mentioned, couples looking for a bit more privacy, would like the Waialae Beach better.

* Magic Island, near the Ala Mona beach park:
Close to the Ala Wai Boat Harbor, is a large park with extensive greens and filled with coconut trees. The place is acclaimed for its Scenic sunsets. It is called the Ala Mona beach park.

* Kailau Beach:
There are elaborate and luxurious wedding receptions offered by the hotels nearby. The white beach is a favorite place for surfers. However, due to the windy climate weddings should be planned in the morning or close to noon.

* Waimanalo Beach Park:
On the leeward side of Oahu, lies a stretch of beautiful white sand. This place is known for its scenery and offers couples a very private time.