An Indian Honeymoon

Indo-China honeymoon tours are a must for honeymoon goers truly wanting to experience Asia. These Indochina honeymoon tours offer some of the most exotic locations on the map, and definitely provide an insight into the Hindu and Buddhist rituals and way of life.

India with its share of diversity in its socio-economic, physical, and wildlife population offers the best place for a romantic holiday for a newly married couple and provides a most suitable escape from the recently finished wedding ceremony, wedding reception, wedding shopping, bachelor party, bridal accessories, wedding decorating, et al. India promises that you and your bride will be able to live it up and that you will have memories that will last you not just this lifetime, but as the Indians say, "seven lives"!

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands located in the middle of the Bay of Bengal provide some of the most exclusive destinations for honeymoon goers. A usual package tour comprises of 6 nights and 7 days. Tender and fresh coconuts are served on arrival. The place is historically significant for the Cellular Jail which has had the distinction of keeping famous freedom fighters such as Gandhi and Nehru, as prisoners
You also have a forest museum, an Anthropological Museum, a Marine museum and a cottage industry emporium where various historical artifacts are conserved and stored. There is also the Chidiya Tapu bird island and several native villages to explore and see. Port Blair, its capital is renowned for its unpolluted and serene white beaches and one can also enjoy adventure sports by the beach-side.