Fiji as a Honeymoon Destination

You are through with the bachelor's party, engagement party, wedding bands, wedding cake, wedding shopping, wedding rings, wedding ceremony, wedding receptions and all other events in the long haul to your marriage. You just want to relax with your spouse and take in a lovely honeymoon. You want to whisk her off to the most secluded spot on the face of the earth and make it your most memorable love-nest!

Fiji honeymoon packages give you the perfect choice to choose from some of the most complete romantic island destinations in the world. Islands like the Matangi, Yasawa, Tokoriki and the Royal Davui offer world-class resorts and locations for honeymooners and memories that will last you for a lifetime!

* Matangi islands and resorts:
Some of the most beautiful white sand beaches border the coasts of the island. It has about three tree houses, all for yourselves and some of the most luxurious, yet exquisite resorts. All the resorts are set in the traditional Fiji decor. The rooms are well spaced, airy, and have a built in resto-bar. Want to take a shower? Why not try the river-rock shower in the resorts.

Why not try something different and take your pick from one of the aboriginal tree-houses such as the Domoni, which is erected on an almond tree. Don't miss out on the beaches. You can choose from snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, rafting, or you can witness traditional Kava ceremonies and visits to traditional Fiji villages.

* Yasawa Islands and Resorts:
If you've watched the movie the Blue Lagoon, you know you ought to be there! The Yasawa Islands were first sighted by the famous Captain Bligh on one of his famed voyages. These islands are littered with some of the most spectacular lagoons, islets, and reefs and with an aboriginal population of about 5000. Special attraction is the I-Lau caves where the movie was filmed. You still have any other wedding destinations on your mind?!