Make Your Wedding Night Unforgettable

Wedding night is the most memorable night of a couple's life. Planning for wedding night forms an important part of wedding planning. People usually long for making their wedding night as the most special and unforgettable encounter with their spouse.

You can make your wedding night special if you know what your spouse likes the most in you. Sexy lingerie is always a must buy for brides. It helps trigger the passion that results in the consummation of marriage.

As per the tradition, the groom should carry the bride over the threshold. This is to prevent bad luck if the bride happens to stumble or trip. The concept seems to be outdated nowadays. Spending the wedding night in a special bridal suite is the most unforgettable experience in a couple's life. Wedding chocolates, strawberries and champagne are the desirable delicacies for the wedding night.

Couples love to see flower petals strewn on their wedding bed. A very special piece of lingerie specially bought for this occasion is a must for brides. Brides become more desirable for love in this outfit. Lingerie could be bought online that would be delivered at your place. Most popular choice for wedding night is a bridal lingerie costume, which consists of a teddiette, veil, gloves and bouquet.

One more popular choice is classic tapestry satin flower jacquard bustier with lightly padded under wire cups, hook and eye front, boning and a waist cinching lace up back. These outfits help set the romantic mood. If your outfits make you seductive, it's likely to add to the thrill of the night.

Shopping for wedding night is an important part of wedding shopping. Taking a wedding shower would mentally prepare you for the wedding night. Suggestions could be sought from professional wedding planner on your wedding night. Wedding coordinators must pay special attention to cater to all the needs for the wedding night.

You can get attractive tips on the wedding night from online wedding planning guides. Although wedding reception would make you a bit tired, you should try to enliven your spouse with romantic conversation in the night.