Expert Tips For A Chic Wedding

Your wedding day is something that you have waited for all your life. And you just cannot let this day pass away in an ordinary fashion. So, it would only be justified if you put in a little more effort into making your wedding chic and super cool. Here are some tips straight from the experts that will help make your wedding a classy affair.

Tie the knot Hollywood style
Nothing can make your wedding more chic than infusing the charm of Hollywood. Now this does not mean that you have to imposter your wedding venue with posters of wedding starlets. Just try to use a theme that is reminiscent of any particular Hollywood era. For instance, if you are fond of the art deco era, you could center your theme on iced blues and silvers.

If the wedding is Hollywood style, then it is obvious that the bride and the groom play around the theme. The bride and the groom could be aptly dressed in clothes that are reminiscent of that era. Now you do not want to make the bride and groom appear as if they have come to a costume party. So modify the Hollywood style clothing to something that can suit the occasion. The clothes should only have a dash of Hollywood and not be a complete costume.

Choose a happening wedding destination
Ballroom wedding may be sophisticated but if you want to make your wedding chic then destination weddings are the way to go. And, do not just go in for any destination that puts you by the beach. Remember, that you want to make your wedding chic so opt for out of the box destinations such as South Africa.

Safari centric celebrations and getting married in the wild is certainly not something that all your friends would have done. You could have passion fruit drinks instead of the regular mocktails. And what more? Everyone too can dress up in wild hats, bungee pants, and sneakers to complement the place.

Get everyone grooving to the beats
Music plays a great role in determining whether your wedding is a hit or a miss. Thus, you need to be extremely careful about the DJ or the band you have on board. Make sure that you are choosing the right one by listening to a demo tape by the band.

If there are certain tracks that you would want the DJ to play, then make sure that you give him/her a list of the selected songs before hand. Give your DJ enough time to set up the equipment else he will not be able to deliver what you want.

Try these tips and your wedding is going to be remembered for a long time to come, for sure.