Five Most Common Wedding Planning Myths!

A wedding is marked by a lot of preparations, planning and speculations. It is a very special day for the couple. But, there are a lot of confusions and myths associated with planning a wedding. Let's look into these myths and have our facts in place!

Myth no.1- hiring friends or wedding vendors is the same thing
It must be quite true that your friend is a fabulous photographer but it is not necessary that it would work out for the wedding too. A professional wedding photojournalist would know the exact nuances of capturing the right moments. After all you want best memories of your big day. Similar is the case with other areas of decoration and music. Try to find out a local and a reasonable vendor to give you good ideas and service on the concerned matter.

Myth no.2- the color of your dress has to be white
If there are other colors that appeal to you, you do not need to stick to the conventional white. Also, the customary net veil does not have to be there. There are fine replacements available for these in the market. You could visit various designers for dresses of different colors and styles. Instead of the veil you could go for some beautiful natural flowers. They look chic and give out a very pleasant fragrance!

Myth no.3- you have to return the favor if you went for someone's wedding
It is not mandatory to invite someone only because you were invited to their wedding. If you have a limited budget and therefore want to limit your number of guests then do so. If required, you can make it clear to the people too. Instead, you must invite the people who are very close to you.

Myth no.4- a wedding planner is a luxurious option
A planner is of great help especially for a wedding. There are a large number of things that have to be looked into. In the hustle bustle of the wedding arrangements, it is likely that you may go over-board spending or are not able to go about it the right way. A wedding planner will guide you right and that would help you save a great deal too.

Myth no.5-wedding food usually tastes bad
It is generally believed that wedding food is all about quantity. It is not so, you must keep in mind that the menu you decide is small but par excellence when it comes to taste. The food served in your wedding will make people remember it for years to come. After all, weddings are all about food, dance and music!

These are the 5 most popular myths related to planning weddings that are definitely worth ignoring. You must go ahead with the arrangements of your wedding as per your choice and taste!