Ideas for a Unique Wedding Guest Book

The wedding guest book forms a very important part of the wedding. The wedding book for guests is important. The reason for this is that the wedding book contains treasured comments that are stored in this book for the rest of your life. This book is important because it becomes a means for the couple to remember the occasion by for as long as they live.

The guest book of the wedding carries written comments of all guests that attend the wedding. It is one of the best ways to preserve the memories of the wedding. Make sure that your wedding book is unique in design. One of the popular wedding guest books is the themed wedding guest book. This is the book that reflects the theme of the wedding.

There are a number of companies from whom you can order your wedding guest book. These companies have an online presence. All you need to do is to browse through the selection, place your order and you’re done!

It is a good idea to use a porcelain plate to keep the wedding guest book. This lends a touch of class to the wedding occasion.

Another great idea is the photo guest book. This sort of guest book contains photographs of the guests shot with a Polaroid instant camera. You just need to paste the pictures next to the guest’s comments. You will be able to cherish not just the comments of the guests, but also remember who wrote the comments.

Then you have a puzzle guest book and a monogrammed wedding guest book. A monogrammed guest book carries a monogram of the couple’s names. Either of these two types of guest books are a great idea. It totally depends on your preferences and tastes. After the wedding is over you can get the guest book laminated. Doing so will make sure that it is not going to be mothballed in case you store it in your attic.

Whatever you do, make sure that you do not forget to keep a wedding guest book. There is no point in passing out napkins at the last moment and asking your guests to write their comments on them.