Personalized Wedding Napkins

With the trend of personalized weddings, each element of wedding is becoming personalized. Why not personalize wedding napkins as well. While planning for your wedding, decide on how you want your napkins customized. You can also gift customized wedding napkins as wedding favors.
Wedding napkins are a very popular choice, when it comes to personalized wedding favors.

An aesthetically done wedding napkin with something related to the wedding printed on it would remind the guests of the marriage. It could be a napkin for lunch or for dinner. A napkin having date and place of the marriage as well as the couple's names, is a good idea.

In recent marriages, style conscious couples use customized wedding napkins for cocktail parties. A napkin with a monogram of couple is a hot wedding favor idea. Make sure that you order your napkins in advance. Any delay could upset your schedule.
For personalized napkins, an order could be placed in advance and you could ask your wedding coordinator to make sure these are delivered in time. If not used as favor, aesthetically printed napkins can be used to adorn dinner tables or lunch tables of guests. Dinner napkins are larger than lunch napkins.

If you are going for a theme color for your wedding, the color must be evident in your wedding napkins. These napkins must also be placed at wedding cake table. If you are taking napkins from your caterer, make sure that the caterer knows what kind of napkins you are looking for. Napkins can be customized depending on the kind of destination where you are having your wedding. A tropical beach wedding could have a beach scene printed on it.

You can buy such napkins in bulk from wedding favor stores too. These favor stores can provide with a range of napkin options. You can pick the best one as per your style of wedding.