Plan A Glamorous Wedding

Is the classic white wedding too old fashioned for you? Are you done with retro themed weddings? If yes, then a glamorous wedding is the best fit for you. Dressed in sheer opulence and luxury, a glamorous wedding can be an event to remember.

Have the basic ideas in place
If you wish to plan a glamorous wedding, then it is important that you have some basic ideas in place. You need to envision how your wedding will look like. Do you want a grandeur ballroom? Are you looking for bold bursting trumpets? Do you want big candlebras as the centerpiece? If you have envisioned any of these details, setting the rest will be much simpler.

Train yourself
When you are eying a glamorous wedding, you ought to be the equivalent glamour gal too. Start training yourself before hand. Build in some confidence. Training yourself in ballroom dance is a must. And, in case you can pull off cha-cha, be prepared to get extra points.

Start with the invitation
The process of setting up a glamorous wedding begins with the invitations itself. The invitations should spell out glamour. Go in for big, bold and beautiful designs that invite envy. Select the finest quality paper. Marbled paper is always a good choice. The choice of colors should be equally glamorous. Opt for bold colors like fuchsia and moss green. Using designer motifs will help enhance the appeal of your invites.

Careful selection of venue
You cannot possibly organize a glamorous wedding if the venue is too subtle. An opulent venue is a must if you wish to create oodles of drama in your wedding. Zero in on huge ballrooms. Additionally, look for details like a grand staircase, sculptured ceiling, large chandeliers and the like. Venues with fancy artwork get a perfect score here.

Work up the setting
The setting of your wedding should be well decided. Check if the furniture boasts of luxury. If not, then you can consider renting plush couches or armchairs. Try including a bonfire. You could also consider setting a small room where guests can gather over a drink on the cocktail table.

Do not forget your look
What is a glamorous wedding venue without a glamorous bride? Go couture! Opt for rich and luxurious fabrics. Fur trimmed opera gloves with a shining tiara will help complete the look. The groom should go in for well fit tuxedos along with custom made shirts and a tie to match.

Eat glamour too
You cannot settle in for a simple meal if you intend to organize a glamorous wedding. Go in for exotic appetizers that are easy to eat. Duck with caramelized onions, tuna wrapped with roasted red pepper, and prosciutto with melon are some options. Also, consider having a signature drink for your wedding.

Keep these tips and let your wedding spell GLAMOUR like none.