Planning Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

An outdoor  wedding reception is a great way to celebrate a wedding. One advantage is that you can entertain an unlimited number of guests. An outdoor wedding reception has an ambience that is missing from a wedding in a closed premise. It is advisable that you follow some tips in case of an outdoor wedding reception.

If you rent an outdoor space, it is bound to be cheaper than a ballroom or a banquet hall. The money you save you can consider a windfall that can be spent on other things. There should be a number of outdoor locations that are available for rent. Checking your city guide or the yellow pages will definitely throw up a number of such options.  Get in touch with the people who have outdoor locations for rent. Make sure that you take necessary permissions from the civic authorities and clean up after your act.

In case you have an outdoor wedding, there are a number of games such as horseshoe or croquet that you can arrange for your guests to play. You can arrange for horse, camel rides and swings for children. They are bound to have a gala time.

An outdoor wedding has another advantage. You can save a lot of money in terms of rent that you would have to pay otherwise for a prime indoor location. On the other hand there is an obvious danger, which is the danger of inclement weather that you haven’t planned for. Make sure that you have some sort of protection in case it starts to rain. Of course you would have taken into consideration the season and the weather forecast before deciding on an outdoor wedding. Then again, the weather is one thing that you cannot accurately predict.

If bad weather does strike and you are adequately prepared, then make the best of it and enjoy the occasion. Don’t let a little bit of harmless rain spoil the mood.