Poetry and Marriages

Wedding ceremonies can  be remembered for all possible reasons. One great way to remember a wedding ceremony is by gifting or reciting wedding poems at the ceremony. It is a very novel, yet charming idea. It could turn out to be the best wedding gift for each other.

Poetry is perhaps the finest form of human expression. There is no reason why a marriage should not have poetry in some form or another. Wedding poems are eternal and preserve the essence of the marriage. Wedding poems are pure and sacred as they truly reflect true emotions of spouses in words.

Wedding poems have long been a part of marriage. It is still a regular feature. People have now started singing and reciting funny and humorous poems. However, the essence of the emotions is the same.  In fact, a poem is a lovable way of expressing emotion. It helps to break the seriousness of the occasion.

Edmund Spenser's Epithalamion is a popular wedding poem. It's a very touchy poem which truly reflects the anticipations from a marriage. For example-

May you be poor in misfortune,
Rich in blessings,
May you know nothing but happiness
From this day forward.

With the soaring number of theme weddings, wedding poems have also become personalized. People who prefer traditional wedding ceremonies would rather prefer an old fashioned poem for the occasion. In order to keep up the uniqueness of the marriage intact, couple along with unique invitations and theme also longs for unique poetry to brighten up the occasion.

Online wedding planning guides may cater to your need of a good poem. You can also visit several poetry sites to pick the best poem for the occasion. Couples wooing each other through poems add to the charm of marriage. The beauty of poetry overshadows even the glittering wedding rings and facial beauty of the bride.

Theme and place of marriage plays a role in selection of poems. For example, Hawaii weddings or a Florida wedding would have a different wedding poem than one recited at a spring wedding or a tropical wedding.