Top 5 Stylish Wedding Themes

Are you looking for a wedding that is class apart from the usual run of the mill weddings? Do you wish to add oodles of style to your D day? If yes, then some stylish wedding themes are all you need. Here are the top 5 stylish wedding themes that are sure to make your wedding a stylish and chic affair.

If you want to create a wedding that is sauvé and stylish then stripes are the way to go. They are elegant, modest and add style to your wedding without making it too over the top. When using stripes, make sure that you opt for monochromatic pin stripes. You can add these stripes to your wedding invitations, use them on the table cloth or even create striped flower arrangements. You can use stripes vertically, horizontally or even diagonally as per your preference.

No matter how many times a floral theme may have been used, it never ceases to create style and enigma. Choose a signature bloom that suits you and your wedding style. Use this floral motif just about everywhere in your wedding. From the guest books to the wedding cakes, you can add a subtle dose of this floral motif to all aspects of the wedding.

Polka dots are another fun and stylish theme that you could use for your wedding. And, if you think that polka dots are too feminine, you are mistaken. The best part about using dots is that they can be easily incorporated everywhere. You can use them for centerpiece holders or even on the crockery used in the wedding. Add polka dots to your cake too and you could create the most visually appealing cake.

How about using a single alphabet or your initials as the theme of the wedding? Such alphabetical themes not just help you personalize your wedding to the last detail but also ensure that your wedding is a stylish affair. Engrave ribbons with your initials or the first alphabet of your name and use them for the venue décor. Wedding favors could also be packed in alphabets that are engraved with the theme alphabet.

A fleur-de-lis motif is the perfect theme to use if you want to add a royal touch to your wedding. It is elegant and stylish at the same time. And what's more? The subtle nature of this symbol ensures that you do not have to struggle to incorporate it into the wedding theme. You can put the symbol on the ribbon and tie them on the wedding bouquet.

With these stylish themes and a bit of coordinated approach, you are sure to leave all your guests starry eyed.