Top Trends For Wedding Flowers In 2009

Wedding flowers have been an integral part of weddings ever since. However, the trends in wedding flowers keep changing with time. From the classic white flower decoration to the bright and vibrant color arrangements, wedding flowers have undergone a huge metamorphosis. Here are some of the top trends for wedding flowers that are to dominate the wedding scene in the year 2009.

Bright and vibrant color palette
Light pastels such as baby pink, white, muted yellow are a passé. The present day wedding flower scenario is all about going all out with daring and bright colors. Jazzy colors such as darkest of purples and fuchsia pink dominate this season. One of the most spectacular color combinations of the season is orange and fuchsia. Be willing to experiment with unusual color combinations such as orange and purple or red and purple. You will surely make an unmatched style statement.

Bring the entire garden
You might just bring those beautiful blooms from the garden for your wedding flowers but you leave lovely foliage behind. There is a lot from the garden that can adorn your wedding flowers. Use herbs, leaves, grasses etc to give a dash of uniqueness to your wedding flower arrangements. There are some beautifully shaped leaves that can add the perfect zing to your wedding flower décor.

Further on using even fruits and veggies in a playful way can be an innovative yet wonderful idea to do up the wedding flowers. If you do not want to be too experimental, you can stick to the wooden theme to create an earthy feel. Bass and bamboo used in weddings makes for a good blossom free arrangement.

Enhance the variety
Uniformity is not the rule any more. In the present day scenario, asymmetry reigns over. You need not lay the same kind of flower arrangements on every table. Variations can always be made in terms of color, height or the containers. However, make sure that all the flower arrangements have at least a single uniform element. This will make your wedding venue look even more colorful and dramatic.

Simple is beautiful
Those lavish, extraordinary looking bouquets are not something that will be a hit this wedding season. Instead, keep it as simple as possible. The hand tied bouquet has caught up in vogue, owing to its simplistic attitude. Even for the venue décor, try to keep it as simple as possible. Over the top is a strict no-no.

Whilst these top wedding flower trends will help you be in perfect sync with your contemporaries, make sure that you add your own individualistic touch to the whole floral arrangements. After all, you will not want to be a part of a blind herd.