Various Kinds of Wedding Invitations

A wedding ceremony can never be complete without the blessings of the members of the family and friends. At every wedding ceremony, friends and distant family members are invited to the wedding invitations.

Wedding invitations are sent to the guests to cordially invite them for the ceremony. Traditionally, a respond card is also attached to the wedding invitations. For the ease of the guests, the wedding invitations sometimes also contain the map to the place assigned for the ceremony.

Dates and information about the means of transport and various other facilities provided to the guests are also included in the wedding invitations.

There are different types of wedding invitations that you could go for. Here are a few of them:

1. Engraved invitations: this is a formal type of invitation in which a copper plate is used. In these invitations, the letters are a bit raised and they look as if they have been engraved. These invitations are a costly affair and are nit preferred in the present times.

2. Thermo graphed invitations: in these invitations the ink is mixed with some small particles and the writing that emerges is same as the engraved invitations. These invitations are less expensive and are a good replacement for the engraved invitations.

3.  Printed invitations: these invitations are affordable and the most popularly used option these days. Earlier, they were not considered graceful for inviting guests in a wedding but the present times have changed.

4. Handwritten invitations: these invitations are written on a plain paper by hands and are very simple to look at. These invitations are generally used for small occasions and are not preferred for wedding ceremonies.

5. Contemporary invitations: these invitations are used in formal weddings and flowers and other designs are used in them. Sometimes a photograph of the couple may also form a part of the contemporary invitations.

So, these are the types of wedding invitations that you can go for. Decide on the budget and your liking and make a choice accordingly.