Wedding Stationary

Wedding Stationary helps in communicating and sharing the special occasion with special people. Wedding invitation stationary not only serves the purpose of inviting guests to the wedding, but also provides you an opportunity to express your sense of style and taste. Invitations can be based on a theme of your choice.

There are certain etiquettes related to sending out the invitations. Invitations should generally be sent 6-8 weeks in advance. 'Save The Date' cards are important if the wedding date falls on a weekend or when the wedding location is a popular holiday resort or when the guests are coming from distant places. Such cards should be sent out five months in advance. You can also send out electronic mail in addition to sending out invites through snail mail.

Abbreviations are not used in wedding stationary, even for Doctor and Miss. Middle names should be spelt correctly with attention and care. In case your wedding is at a church or a cathedral, you should use the line "request the honor of your company". For other venues, you may use "request the pleasure of your company". Mention the names of invited children separately by listing their names below that of their parents on an inner envelope.

You can select from various printing options such as engraving, laser, thermographs, lithographs or handwritten. Black ink is used for formal events. Colored inks such as pink or turquoise can be used for casual and fun events.

The Reception Card is included as a separate insertion when the wedding and the reception are held at different places. It is placed on top of the other wedding card or cards, as the case may be.

Another item included in wedding stationary is the Response Card. It communicates whether the invited guest would be able to attend the wedding or not. A return self-addressed envelope is included.

Map and Directions Cards are useful, especially for guests who are unfamiliar with the wedding location. Travel Cards include travel information for guests who may travel to attend the wedding. Make sure that the invitations and other cards that you send out have good quality seals on them.