How to Select the Right Wedding Music

Music can enliven any and every occasion and a wedding is no exception. Wedding music has become a norm at most weddings nowadays. A wedding ceremony without music is unthinkable. A  wedding ceremony means celebration, and celebration is not possible without music. Of course, the music should be in harmony with the theme of the wedding and the tastes and preferences of the bride, groom and guests.

Playing music on weddings is an old tradition. It still carries on but with a difference. The difference lies in the kind of music that is played nowadays on weddings. Old classical wedding songs having religious overtones and are no longer preferred at modern wedding ceremonies. Music that rocks is played to add to the wedding festivities.

Couples can select music that is to be played on the occasion. The wedding coordinators should be informed in advance. Advice of wedding planner could also be sought on calling a good DJ to rock the occasion. You can even search DJ's online for hiring one for the reception. Once you hire the service of a Disc Jockey, you can brief him on the kind of music you want played at the ceremony.

The venue also plays an important role in the selection of wedding music. There are certain venues  where loud and rocking music is prohibited, such as churches. Songs must be played to match the various parts of the wedding ceremony. For example, the music to be played at the time of the bridal march would naturally be different from the one to be played at the wedding reception.

Wedding music should pave the way for an enchanting atmosphere at wedding reception. Couples  nowadays prefer a theme wedding. The music should go in well with the overall theme of the marriage. A trend of funny music having childish lyrics on wedding cake and wedding rings has also been noticed in certain marriages. It brings in the laughter element in the party.