Popular Wedding Flowers Customs And Traditions Across The Globe

Even though wedding flowers find the most expansive usage in the present day scenario, they are not a thing of today. They have been used for ages and are a part of several customs and traditions. Here is taking a look at some of the popular wedding flowers customs and traditions around the globe.

In Thailand, the mother of both the bride and the groom walk down the altar to drape puang malai. Puang malai are flower garlands that are meant to be worn around the shoulder of the bride as well as the groom. This tradition is performed to wish the newly married couple good luck.

Wedding flowers also find a special place in Indian tradition. A popular Indian tradition is that the groom's brother sprinkles flower petals on the head of both the bride as well as the groom. This is done in a bid to protect the two from evil. Another popular Indian wedding flower tradition is that the couple dons a floral headpiece during the wedding ceremony.

Different cultures suggest carrying different flowers as a symbol of prosperity and love. As per Greek culture, the recommended flower is ivy. Greek tradition suggests that brides carry ivy in their wedding. The reason for the same being that this flower is considered as the bride's never ending love for her groom.

Another popular Greek wedding flower custom is that both- the bride and groom be dressed with a crown of orange blooms. In fact, this floral bloom was even meant to match with the embroidery on the bridal gown. These flowers found use as a wedding custom primarily because of the purity and virginity they symbolize. Besides, their delicate and sweet scent is an absolute add-on.

Use of wedding flowers has been a tradition since times immemorial. In the ancient times, roman brides used to carry herbs instead of bridal bouquet. These herbs symbolized fertility and fidelity. Besides, it was believed that the herbs will help ward off evil spirits. And, it were not just the Romans who used wedding flower traditions during the olden times. Victorians too were not lagging behind. In fact, they are the ones who made extensive use of the wedding rose and popularized it as a symbol of love.

The use of herbs instead of wedding flowers was a popular custom in not just Greek but Swedish and Danish cultures too. As a tradition, Swedish and Danish grooms were supposed to sew small pockets within their clothes that contained herbs. It was primarily herbs like rosemary, chives and garlic that were stuffed inside the pocket. The aim of this tradition was to offer good luck to the groom.

It is all thanks to these customs and traditions that the sanctity of these wedding flowers is still alive.