The Colorful and Vibrant Malaysian Wedding

There are not many wedding ceremonies that are as vibrant as traditional Malaysian wedding ceremonies. Marriage in Malaysia is a time for festivity and is celebrated with great pomp and splendor. In a phrase, if one is to define a Malaysian matrimony, it is a day fit for a King!

Days before the actual ceremony takes place, parents and guardians of both the groom and the bride, get together and perform what is called in local tongue as bertunang and merisik, to foster and re-affirm ties between the two families. They also plan for theĀ  wedding and discuss the wedding decoration and also if possible arrange for wedding coordinators.

Wedding invitations are also decided upon and are handed out. Hantaran or wedding gifts are exchanged between the groom's family and the bride's family. These gifts include the wedding rings, fruits, perfumes and sweets. The groom might also vouch for gifts to his bride by sending her gifts of food with origami wedding flowers and cranes, wrapped traditionally in paper-currency.

On the day of Bersanding, or the actual wedding ceremony, the band plays the kompangs, signifying that a Malaysian wedding is in progress. Guests are received with gifts of decorated hard-boiled eggs, symbolizing fertility and health.

The groom and the bride are taken to the pelamin or the wedding platform, where they are showered with perfumed water and pandanus leaves, as a form of blessing from elders. This ritual is called the menepung tawar. After this ritual the Akad nikah is performed for solemnizing the marriage.