Ann Coulter Is Not Getting Married, Yet

In modern times, if there is a woman known for her beauty and brains, it has to be none other than  Ann Coulter. She is the ideal package of beauty and brains rolled into one. Maybe she has more brains than beauty. She is still single and not in the mood for settling down. Probably she just has not found the right husband!

Her life is a ceremony of politics, media, and controversy. That is probably why she has not thought of the mundane matter of a wedding reception and wedding ceremony, with bridesmaids and a wedding gown. Wedding rings are the last thing on the girl's mind and she is in no hurry to become a bride. The only engagement that she has is with the public, which recognize and respect her role as a public persona.

There is no question of Ann Coulter getting married right now. She is fundamental to the conservative Republican Party’s image makeover and is on a career high. In a recent poll, about 305 of the people have nominated her as the president of the United States. She is also a leading columnist of WorldNetDaily and is a top-notch lawyer at the bar.

Although a resident of Miami, she is currently located in New York and declares herself to be in love with the Yankees. She was recently in the news for her severe criticism of one-time US first lady, Hillary Clinton. Unless she meets the right guy, marriage for Ann Coulter will just have to wait.