Are Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams Getting Married?

Is Ryan Gosling getting married?  No. Of course not. He just happens to be dating the co-star, Rachel McAdams of his   now phenomenal movie, the Notebook. That is what the gossip magazines say. There is no mention of any kind of wedding ceremony, or wedding reception. What’s more, Rachel McAdams is not the final choice.

Ryan Gosling was once linked with pop superstar, Britney Spears. It later turned out to be a hoax.  Gosling and Spears were once one of the Mouseketeers, along with other stars like Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera.

Recently the two, Gosling and McAdams kissed each other publicly at the 2005 MTV Movie Awards. They had jointly won the Best Onscreen Awards and this incident the confirmed the rumors of their affair. If things go at this rate, the day is not far when we finally will get to hear the news of their engagement.

Ironically, Gosling fears he will break up with McAdams if he sees the super hit movie The Notebook, with her. He says the movie is so romantic that his girl friend will definitely break up with him if she happens to go through all the scenes. Gosling says that she has been the stabilizing factor in his life and he owes his present success and fame to her love and devotion. Another juicy tidbit of information is that the McAdams is five years older than Gosling.

Recent rumors suggest that the couple have split.