Choosing The Right Tent For Your Wedding

While many people prefer to have a ballroom wedding, there are some who wish to tie the knot outdoors. If you too are considering an outdoor wedding, then you need to spend some time choosing the right tent for your wedding. After all, it is the wedding tent that decides whether your wedding is a hit or a miss. Here are some things that you need to know about a wedding tent to choose the perfect one.

When choosing a tent, the ceiling is of utmost importance. In most cases, the ceiling of the tent is solid white vinyl. However, there are some tents that do not have a ceiling. Pole tents and frame tents are some examples of tents without ceiling.

If you are organizing a day time wedding, then make sure that you do not go in for wedding tents with clear tops. This is because wedding tents without ceilings can raise the temperature by as much as 20 degrees as the vinyl used in the ceiling absorbs heat.

This is another important requirement that you need to consider when choosing the right wedding tent. If you want a brightly lit and well illuminated wedding, then you need to go in for a tent that is minimalist in nature. On the other hand, if you want minimal lighting, go in for a tent that is slightly more elaborate.

Also, if you want to add additional lighting items, make sure that you communicate the needs to the tent company. This will help the tent company ascertain whether the tent can handle the weight of the lighting items or not.

Climate control
Since you are planning an outdoor wedding, the temperature may not be controlled. So, you need to ensure that there are heaters or air conditioners available. Since there are several options available in heaters and air conditioners, you need to go for one that suits your tent well. For instance, ceiling fans that are attached to the walls are a better choice if you plan to have a clear top tent.

This will depend on the theme of the wedding. You can go in for a hand painted flooring if your wedding theme is more contemporary or modern. Alternatively, you can also opt for parquet wood or black and white checkboard. If the surface below is even, plastic tiles may also be put to use to create a more classic or vintage feel. You also need to ensure that the entire floor is properly covered with a carpet or Astroturf.

Make note of the above mentioned factors and you will be able to select the right tent for your wedding.