Different Types of Weddings

A wedding ceremony marks the solemnization of a marriage. It is the day that defines the beginning of a new life for a couple. The kind of wedding depends upon the individual, region, country, culture and other geographical aspects. A wedding is an intermingling of two different households, sometimes with different cultures, religions and origins.

Weddings can be classified as per the following types:

Double wedding: A double wedding is a wedding where two couples are married simultaneously. It may usually happen when two men marry two sisters.

Destination wedding: A destination wedding is a marriage carried out at a far away distant and exotic location. The bride, groom, family and guests travel to the destination, which might be an island in a remote location or a far away resort.

White wedding: A white wedding is a semi formal or formal wedding that is especially popular in European countries,

Military wedding: A military wedding takes place in a military church.

Online wedding: An Online wedding takes place on the internet. The bride and groom exchange their vows over the internet and they are seen by other guests online.

Same sex marriage: Sane sex marriages are marriages between two people of the same gender. This type of marriage is not legally recognized in most US states.

Civil wedding: A civil wedding is performed under civil law, under the auspices of a judge or any other government official. A civil marriage is perfectly valid and legal.

The custom and rituals of marriages across the world vary to a great degree. Each of these customs and rituals has evolved over a period of time. The common threads in all types of marriages are music, dance, dresses, religious ceremonies and an atmosphere of gaiety and celebration. A wedding is a celebration of life that takes place once in the life of a person.