Have You Got All Your Wedding Accessories In Place?

When you go to a big departmental store to make the shopping for bridal accessories and wedding accessories, the sales executive looking after your interests knows that you are in a frame of mind to spend wisely and not splurge.

After all it is once in the life-time spending. If it is your first marriage, the mood is upbeat. If it is the second marriage (after the divorce) the mood may still be alright! But if it is the third marriage (after two divorces), it may be a formality. Still, the bare essentials related to a wedding ceremony have to be purchased!

Purchasing the wedding accessories is a unique experience. You need to apply your mind to buy, select, so many unrelated things. From the selection of the orchestra to the selection of the cake, to the size, the color, the imaginative message on it, you need to do multitask.

The wedding accessories market is in itself an empire. The items that you buy need to fit in your scheme of things. Apart from the bride, you have to decide about the bridesmaid gifts, groomsmen gifts, shoes, wedding cameras, special jewelry that you are in search for. And all needs to fit into your budget. Some items will have to be purchased and kept ready for contingencies.

After these preliminary preparations are over, the most important part of the most important occasion of your life is your wedding dress. Suppose you made the perfect selection of your wedding gown, but you have difficulty in walking with your high-heeled shoes, because you did not try them out properly at the store.

Embarrassing as well as disheartening it would be!

On account of this small mistake, only you could understand your agony throughout the wedding ceremony. When you were exchanging the wedding vows, the shoes were pinching, and how many times you cursed the stores and your own self!

Well, you have to take all the necessary precautions. You ought to be perfect in everything. Your dress shall match on all counts with all pieces of your accessory.

After this perfect matching, all the guests shall agree and say this is the perfect match!

Only one aspect of matching remains. You have to match your understanding with that of your spouse throughout your married life!”

Is it asking for the moon? Not at all! It is my sincere wish!