Importance of Wedding Planner checklists

A wedding ceremony and a wedding reception might just sound like two very ordinary things to the ears, but they are not ordinary occasions. The budget and size of a marriage always exceed your  expectations and no matter how you try, the expenses always pile up! There is no straight-cut or easy solution for this problem. After all you always wanted your wedding to be grand. Then of course, if you plan for certain things in your wedding, you will be able to keep track of things.

The wedding checklist is the most essential tool for a wedding planner. Always make sure you have one at hand or else in the chaos, you just might loose yourself as well as land up misplacing the brides coveted veil! Wedding planning checklists should cover all aspects of planning and should have provisions for inscribing footnotes.

A music checklist includes the wedding bands or other musicians. Reception rental, stationary and wedding accessories checklist, wedding favor checklist, and wedding flowers checklist, bridal registry checklist are examples of checklists that should be included in the wedding planning itself. Then comes the checklist related to the groom, bride and bridal party. This will include the groom's attire checklist, the groomsmen attire checklist, the bridal dress and the bridesmaid’s attire checklist, and the bridal party dress checklist.

You should also prepare the wedding reception and ceremony checklists along with the required reminders and things-to-do. Also, prepare a checklist for the post-wedding guest thank you card checklist. Besides the mentioned checklists, you can also prepare additional checklists for the wedding shower, menu that is to be served, and a checklist for the best man's attire and speech.