Schedule Your Wedding Program Properly

A Wedding is a very special event in the life of a person. It is probably a once in a lifetime event. If the wedding is between a bride and the groom who belong to different cultures or religious faiths, things get all the more interesting. In such cases, the wedding programs are introduced to the bridal party. The guests are treated to two sets of customs and traditions.

In such cases the wedding program should be prepared very carefully. This is to make sure that the entire ceremony proceeds without any problems. Wedding programs help guests to understand, appreciate and enjoy the wedding more.

The cover of the wedding program card usually states the names of the couple, the date and time of planned ceremonies and the location. This information could also be handed out to guests when they arrive. The program could list events and parts of the ceremonies, such as the processional music, greetings, readings, prayers, offering of the peace, exchange of vows, the ring ceremony, the unity candle ceremony, communion, pronouncement or affirmation of marriage, recessional music, singing and other social customs and traditions such as standing or kneeling by the participating audience.

A wedding program also includes a list of members of the bridal party. An explanation of the wedding ceremonies, rituals and customs may also be included in wedding programs. In the run-up, there are some sayings, thoughts, poems or quotes on marriage and love by the elders in the family. Memorials or kind words of remembrance for departed family members could also be conveyed at wedding programs. There may be a few short sentences on the bridesmaids and groomsmen and their role in the marriage.

Don't forget to include directions or a map to guide guests to the venue. The entire ceremony will go on smoothly if you have planned the wedding well.