Who Pays For The Wedding?

A wedding is indeed one of the most important days in an individual's life. But this important day is accompanied with huge costs. So who is it who finally bears the brunt of this huge wedding cost? Well, there are some options.

Bride's parents
This is the conventional and age old method of clearing off the wedding bills. It is typically the parents of the bride who pay for the wedding. But this traditional method does have some pros and cons. on the positive side; it saves the wedding couple from the expenses of the wedding. The couple can continue with their routine expenses without having to worry about the cost of the wedding.

On the negative side, having the parents to pay off the wedding bills means it would be a wedding of their preference. When the parents are incurring the cost of the wedding, it is obviously they who will decide the kind of wedding flowers or the menu they would want to have for the wedding. Also, it is a little unfair for the bride's parents to bear the entire cost alone.

Bride's parents, groom's parents and you
This is the best way to deal with the cost of the wedding. The bride's parents, groom's parents and the yet to be wed couple can pool in and pay for the wedding. All of them can contribute in some or the other way and meet the entire cost of the wedding.

In such an arrangement where everyone pays, having the wedding that you had dreamt of does not seem so difficult. This is simply because financial constraints are easily resolved as everyone is putting in the money together.

Here in the only difficulty is to divide the expenses between the two groups. Deciding who pays for what can be a little problematic. You can either decide the expenses depending upon the financial status. For instance, if the groom's parents are wealthier, they can pay more.

Since the costs are going to be divided, you might just have to give up some decisions. In cases, where the wedding costs are shared you will have to take everyone's opinion into account and then take appropriate decisions.

The couple

Since these days most people are placed in well earning jobs, funding their own wedding is not that difficult. Both the bride and the groom can pool in their own savings and incur the entire wedding expense ob their own.

The benefit of such a paying arrangement is that the couple gets to decide what and how they want things at the wedding. Whether you want a beach wedding or a grand affair at some ballroom, as long as you are paying for it, it's fine.

But, a downside is that you may end up depleting all your savings. And your parents also might just feel a little out of the entire wedding process.

Consider the pros and cons of every option and decide who you want to pay for the wedding.