Gold and Platinum Wedding Bands for the Bride

Wedding accessories form an important part of  bridal wedding shopping. The engagement or the wedding ceremony is solemnized by the exchange of wedding  or engagement rings between the groom and the bride. However, a gold or platinum wedding band is always a most treasured souvenir. You don't other types of wedding bands, besides gold and platinum.

The metal in a wedding band can be two-toned. By design and styling, they could be braided, hammered, Celtic, designer wedding bands, Paisley or even diamond-encrusted wedding bands. They could also vary in thickness and finesse. Small, narrow, thick, heavy, or light, they are available in a host of shapes, size and structures. When it comes to technical finesse and quality, a satin finish is always preferred.
Gold wedding bands maybe set either in white gold or yellow gold. They can be molded and set into the numerous designs mentioned above. Platinum on the other hand is a much more durable metal and does not easily corrode or need to be polished. Hence, the metal is more expensive and  making charges are higher than gold wedding bands. Platinum rings usually have a mixture of ruthenium in their composition. Some jewelry stores have come out with unique wedding bands and have combined and composed both gold and platinum in them. These wedding rings are then given a satin finish to bring out their exquisiteness.

Marriage bands maybe ordered in structures of flat, semi-roundedness, and flat comfort-fit wear. A standard width of 3 to 6 millimeters is not only suitable but also desirable. The price of a band for wedding depends on its width and karat inlay and the finger size.