Selecting a Wedding Ring

Wedding ring is the ring that remains with you as a reminder of the vows exchanged on your wedding day. The wedding ring has to be special. The exchange of wedding rings is a custom in almost all societies and cultures. During the wedding ceremony the bride and groom exchange wedding rings with each other as a ritual. These wedding rings indicate that the individuals are married. Wedding ring is worn in the ring finger. Men wear the wedding ring on the ring finger of the right hand whereas women wear the ring on the ring finger of the left hand.

Wedding rings are traditionally made of gold or platinum. Wedding rings can be made in various shapes. Irish wedding rings of Claddagh are embedded with a heart clasped in two hands. This shape symbolizes eternity, friendship and love between the couple. Clinging ivy, the French knots of love, the Celtic love knots are some other classical shapes of wedding rings.

With the availability of new designs people now have a wider choice for the selection of their rings.  Wedding rings can be  made from  metals like platinum, silver or gold. These three metals are the most commonly used metals for the making of wedding rings. There  are instances when rings made of other metals have been used in marriages.

The most popular metal used for making wedding rings is white and the yellow gold of 14 karat. The durability of gold makes it the favorite metal for the wedding rings. If you want to spend less on a wedding ring than you can think of purchasing a ring made of silver.

A Marriage is a once in a lifetime event. Why not give your partner a ring made of platinum, the most precious of metals.