Wedding Bands- The Symbol of Love

The wedding band or the wedding ring is the symbol of marriage. It is the sign of betrothal and commitment on part of both the spouses. Every wedding ceremony culminates with the exchange of wedding bands which marks an ever-lasting relationship.

According to the tradition, wedding band is made of a precious metal such as gold or silver. These days, Platinum is also being increasingly used for it. This could be encrusted with a precious stone or gem. It is worn exclusively on the left ring finger. In simpler words, the finger which is fourth, starting from the thumb, of the left hand. The wedding band or the wedding ring is also a symbol of commitment to fidelity. In recent times, the custom of wearing the wedding band has stretched over to countries and parts of the world beyond Europe.

Customs and Traditions
Talking about the customs, the wedding band is only a ring in a series of gifts. It further comprises of the trilogy of rings. This includes the engagement ring, the promissory ring, and the eternity ring. The first is gifted when there is a sign of approval from both the groom and the bride to marry in the near future. The second ring is when the couple is dating. It symbolizes their serious courtship. The third is when the relationship is taken to a new height such as the birth of the first child.

The European tradition vouches forĀ  a specific design of a wedding band. They tend to engrave the date of the wedding and the name of their beloved on to the wedding band as a seal of their commitment. This is passed onto from one generation to another.