3 Superb Wedding Shower Games

Viola! It is the wedding shower, and you have a bachelor party and also a post engagement party on the roll. Coming soon is the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. Until the marriage, it is going to be a non-stop party for the bride and the bridal party. Yes, that is what the bridal shower is all about: endless rounds of silly games and having a blast! Well, here is a list of free wedding shower games that will definitely freak the lives out of you!

Love is
Make a list of 25 romantic words and another list of 25 non-romantic words and set them up a in a pile. Now ask all those present, to take up a chit from each pile and to compose a poem with the two words together in their poem!

Power Pop
Blow up dozens of balloons with chits inside scribbled with things like "try again", "loser", "better luck next time", and a few ones with the bride’s name scribbled. The one who gets the chit scribbled with the bride's name will be declared winner!

Word Chain
Get the guests to assemble themselves and sit down in a circle. Let one of them tell a word related to the wedding to another person, and then the other person adds a word to the existing word thereby forming a chain of words. The one, who breaks the chain, is disqualified and the one who remains until the end is declared the winner.