7 Reasons to Choose Silk Flowers Bouquets

Flowers have been an important part of wedding since ancient times. Though the culture of using flowers for weddings has been there for quite some time, certain changes have been made to this culture. Initially it was only live flowers that were used to adorn wedding, but these days their alternative options such as silk flower bouquets have begun to be used.

Silk flower bouquets have become a popular choice at many weddings these days. However people belonging to the traditional school of thought are still not convinced about the same. Of course, fresh flowers have their own charm but silk bouquets too look equally appealing if not more. Here are some reasons as to why you should opt for silk flower bouquets.

Forever yours
A bouquet of live flowers will die down some or the other day. Many on the wedding day itself! Silk flowers bouquets on the other hand are there to stay with you forever. You could preserve these bouquets as beautiful memories of your wedding.
Perfect 24X7
Silk flower bouquets are going to be perfect throughout your wedding. Unlike real flowers that wilt out or get dried up especially if you have a garden wedding, silk flower bouquets will remain perfect throughout. They will look as fresh at the end of the day as they were in the morning.

Many a times it happens that the bride ends up dropping her bouquet causing the flowers to break into petals. Fortunately enough, this is not the case with silk wedding flowers. No matter how many times you drop them they will never get damaged. With your wedding bouquet in place, you will never have to hide it away while getting clicked.

Allergy free
Different people have different sensitivities. While some one may be allergic to roses, the other may be sensitive to carnations. Silk flowers on the other hand are allergy free. Thus, you will never find scratching yourself due to some allergy with silk flower bouquets.

Freedom of choice
If you are going for natural flowers your choice gets restricted to the flowers that are available in the particular season. But with silk flower bouquets you have no such constraint. You can go for both seasonal as well as out of the season flowers.

Less expensive
You would be spending a bomb if you were putting live exotic flowers in your wedding bouquet. Exotic flowers are extremely expensive and could burn a hole into your pocket. But with silk wedding bouquets you could have exotic flowers and that too without spending too much.

Just as real
Silk flower bouquets look as real as live flowers. If you seek the services of professional florist, you will hardly be able to distinguish between live flowers and silk flowers. So you can carry these flowers with the charm of real flowers.