Opt for DIY Silk Wedding Flower Arrangements

Silk wedding flower arrangements are completely a treat to look at. You could make these arrangements yourself and thus also save on a lot of money. Not, only do it yourself arrangements would save you a lot of dollars but would also enable you add a personal touch to all the wedding decorations. Truly you would be able to connect with the emotions of the biggest day of your life.

You could prepare the bridal bouquet yourself and also the bouquets for bridesmaids. Boutonnieres could also be made at home. Centerpieces and wall hangings are also easy to make with a little creativity. Since you would be using silk flowers for all the floral wedding arrangements, you need not worry about the bouquet getting wilted. So, you can make all the arrangements well in advance and thus avoid last minute hassles.

So, let's take a look at what all you can do yourself with silk flowers to have the perfect wedding flower arrangements.

First of all, buy silk wedding flowers of your choice, in bulk. If you make bulk purchase, you obviously save a whole lot of money. When you have bought the flowers, select what all flowers you want to use for various arrangements. Bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere need special attention along with centerpieces.

You could also you a lot of pearls, ribbons and laces to adorn all your arrangement and add extra charm to them.

Bridal Bouquet- Take the flowers of your choice and hold them in your hand, Let the bigger flowers be in the center with a little more height. Use some silk greenery to go along with the flowers and tie it using matching satin ribbon. The key point is to use the wired silk flowers so that they may remain straight. You could also use a few pears strings in between. Bridesmaids bouquets could also be made in the similar fashion, using a lightly less number of flowers.

Boutonniere- Boutonniere should ideally go on to match with the bridal bouquet, so you must pick up similar flower for it. A single half bloom bud coupled with a few leaves wired together would make a perfect boutonniere for the groom and the groomsmen.

Centerpieces and wall hangings- Silk flower centerpieces are fairly simple to make. Just take some vases and place the various flowers in them to serve as the perfect table centerpieces. You could also take glass bowls and fill them with water, crystals, floating candles and silk flowers. They look beautiful and are simple to make.

For wall-hangings, take small square mats and make holes in them. Tuck in various silk wedding flowers and greenery in to these holes and you are through with the wall hangings.

Thus, you could easily arrange for DIY wedding flower arrangements.