Silk Rose Petals Could Brighten Your Wedding Equally Well

Flowers and lots of flowers…this is what makes a wedding truly beautiful and eternal. Flowers make the whole affair colorful and lively. Just like full blown flowers, flower petals also have a distinctive role to play. Using silk rose petals in place of the real ones is not at all a bad idea when it comes to them.

All that you have to do is to not fall into the game of buying real rose petals, silk ones are as good as real and cost you much less. You could use them to line up or fill out the aisle. They could also be used to decorate the center table and the altar.

The best part of using silk rose petals is that they are available in various colors, even metallic colors. You could pick and choose the color of your choice and let it decorate any part of the wedding venue beautifully. Another great advantage of using silk rose petals is that they do not leave behind colorful marks on hands and clothes, as is the case with real rose petals. They could also be used to make wedding accessories for the bride, without the fear that they would spoil her attire.

They remain fresh throughout and so you need not worry about their getting wilted of colorless even before it's time for the bride to walk down the aisle. You could also place the silk rose petals inside the wedding invitations. Even if your invitee receives the invitation after a couple of days, the petals would not lose their charm and continue to look good! Moreover, they would not even spoil the card with their color as real petals do.

You could use the silk petals to decorate wedding favors, centerpieces etc. You could also use silk flower petals to decorate the cake and the guests can easily put them aside in the plate, while eating the cake. If you wish to make them more close to real rose petals then all that you have to do is buy some scented silk rose petals. They carry the original aroma of the rose petals and hence are a good buy!

You could also add an exclusive touch to the whole petal decoration by buying the rose petals that may be distinctly shaped in the form of butterflies or hearts. They could make the whole decoration a little different yet conventional and add that extra pinch of salt to the whole affair!

So, silk rose petals are in all ways a very meaningful choice. Every bride must apply their creativity and make use of them while saving quite a lot of money too!