FAQs on Floral Wedding Decoration and Arrangements

Perfect ambience for the wedding reception seems to be incomplete without the floral decoration of the venue. From the bouquet that is presented to the bride to stage decoration , all needs a precision in choice.

Ever though what will you do if the bride is allergic to flowers?

Consider tulips and lilies. These are waxy flowers and are easily tolerated by most people who are otherwise allergic to flowers. Sunflower is another option as it contains few allergens. In case, this doesn't work, you can then consider some other alternatives that will make good bouquets and centerpieces.

Berry branches, small fruits or stark branches along with some greenery can be utilized to make attractive centerpieces and bouquets. Alternatively, for a sophisticated look, you may place champagne grapes and ruddy apples in a bowl. Candles and gold fish swimming in the glass bowl are some other stunning ideas for wedding centerpieces.     

At times, even weather can be a spoilsport for floral decoration. For instance, what if your wedding is scheduled for mid afternoon in an open space in summers?

Do not panic! Geraniums, roses, sweet peas, dahlias and daisies are the flowers that will take you out of this quandary. If well-hydrated, these cut flower last for a longer time. Besides, you can decorate with potted plants of hydrangeas, calla lilies, gardenias, mini roses and freesia.

Furthermore, to make your wedding day memorable, at times bride and groom have their specific ideas. Like any of you may wish to place the antique silver pots gifted by your grandma as the centerpieces. But at the back of your mind you fear that what if any of your guest take them away?

Metal detector at the exit would be nothing less than an insult of your guests. So, attaching the pots on to the table with stickum adhesive would be a good idea. Or you can simply make a friendly announcement saying that the guests can take the flowers but you are sorry about the pots as they are a gift from bride's grandma.

Are there any budget friendly ideas for floral decoration?

However, many ideas can be employed for the decoration of the flowers but it is indeed a little expensive affair. So, to keep a check on your budget for floral decoration , you can substitute natural flowers instead of silk flowers at a few places that are customarily suitable for natural flowers only.

The bouquet presented to the bride would definitely look appealing if it has beautiful aromatic natural flowers and not silk flowers. Also, in flower arrangements that are close to candles or flames are also inappropriate for silk flowers. On the other hand, you can use them for the "throw away" when the bride enters the venue. This is because the person who catches the bouquet might want to keep it with him/her for long. So, the beauty of silk flowers will remain in tact.  

Last but not least, sometimes a bride wishes to have an all white flowers bouquet but this is more expensive than colorful flowers. Wonder why?

The reason is that white flowers get bruised very easily. So, florist has to purchase extra flowers so that the white flowers don't get bruised. Though this is an expensive option but fulfilling the wish of your bride is definitely worth the love and commitment that she promises you at your D-day.